Somatic Arts Trilogy Workshop



This workshop will provide you with profound skills so you can confidently guide your clients to experience freedom and worthiness in their lives without you ever feeling like an imposter, stuck, or defeated.


You will embody leadership with an unshakeable knowing and innate intelligence!


March 25th and 26th

6:30-8:30pm PST



You will embody leadership with an unshakeable knowing and innate intelligence!


March 25th and 26th

6:30-8:30pm PST


What You will Learn?

Over 2 days learn how to use a somatic therapy to heal inner child wounding and help your client reclaim their fullness.

Outcome 1

Learn how the nervous system functions and understand the ways trauma can be stored in the body and nervous system through developmental trauma.

Outcome 2

Understand the voices of the Soma/body so you can gently guide your clients into new new territories within themselves.

Outcome 3

Learn how to use my Somatic inner Child Healing technique so that you can guide your clients through a powerful inner child healing process.

Outcome 4

Discover the power and medicine of breathwork to process and release trauma held in the tissues of your body.

Outcome 5

Access your intuition so that you can co-create a collaborative and safe space for your clients to truly heal.


I'll even show you ...:

a preview on how to guide your clients on visionary journeys using my 7-step guided meditation method.

Nichole was instrumental in helping me push through some blocks I've carried for 40+ years.

I was able to clear some trauma, shift beliefs, and best of all find compassion for the one person I never thought I'd be able to forgive. I've been able to change the relationship with myself, those around me, and that person.


What you'll do in this workshop


Day 1: 

Somatic Therapy and the Nervous System

  • How to understand the functions of the Nervous System so you can feel confident when guiding others.
  • How to guide your clients in a Somatic Inner Child Healing Process so you can offer profound healing for your clients.
  • How to get people out the stories in their minds so you can guide them into the wisdom of their soma/body where they can access their soul‚Äôs truth.



Day 2:

Breathwork, Meditation Journeys and Intutive Facilitation

  • How to use breathwork so you can help your clients process trauma.
  • How to access your intuition so you can facilitate with confidence.
  • How to take your clients on meditation journeys so they can access the visionary gifts of their psyche.



March 25th and 26th

6:30-8:30pm PST


Nichole had such a loving and most gentle way of guiding me back to parts of myself I had forgotten, abandoned and even neglected.

Trauma work doesn't always have to be hard work, although, there were some hard days sure. But with Nichole, I had so many lightbulb moments that came with ease and simply left me with comfort and peace. Feeling more and more whole. More inspired. More empowered. I will always be grateful for how Nichole held space for me throughout this journey. Thank you Nichole for reminding me that I have always been whole, worthy, and strong. I love you. I am home. And so it is.

What Makes Our Event Different?


We deliver powerful therapeutic strategies that will give you confidence when it comes to facilitating a somatic session with your clients.

We create an environment for you to learn and understand complex theories in a simple way.

We give you POWERFUL techniques that you can use with your clients again and again!

At our event, we focus on education and processes that will bring your clients REAL RESULTS and expand YOUR facilitation skills.



Nichole is a natural teacher and really cares about what she does.

Her energy is amazing and she is such an authentic healer. Our class was comprised of healers, yoga teachers, police officers, attorneys, and doctors. It's a true testimony of how breath can help any individual.


Meet Your Host


Nichole Anne Ferro is a seasoned professional in the field of psycho-somatic coaching and psycho-spiritual guidance. With a passion for holistic well-being, Nichole serves as a trusted breathwork facilitator and meditation guide, helping individuals tap into their inner resources for healing and growth.

As a teacher's teacher, Nichole is dedicated to sharing knowledge and expertise, running a prestigious certification academy, the Somatic Arts Academy, where aspiring coaches and guides undergo rich and comprehensive training under Nichole’s mentorship. With over 15 years of experience and a deep understanding of the mind-body connection and the interplay of spiritual dimensions, Nichole empowers others to unlock their full potential and live authentically.

Through Nichole’s unique blend of coaching, breathwork, and spiritual guidance, countless individuals have experienced profound transformation and gained invaluable insights into their personal journey towards fulfillment and self-realization. Her certification programs provide facilitators with the skills to share their unique medicine with the world.

This training equipped, inspired, and activated me to be the most powerful version of myself.

It gave me the tools and space to come back home, to me. To finally feel safe enough to tap into the wisdom of my soul and lead from that place. It made me a better Mentor, Partner, Sister, Leader, and Facilitator. This is the best continuing education training and investment I've made in myself!


If you are a holistic and passionate facilitator, space holder or coach, don't miss this opportunity



 March 25th and 26th

6:30-8:30pm PST