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She's such a strong, powerful, loving, and gentle healer.

I just finished working with Nichole for coaching. She was able to help me through several points of trauma that I was not able to work through in therapy or on my own. She's effective, strong, and gets results right away. I've also received her healing in women's circles, womb healing classes, and cacao ceremonies. I STRONGLY recommend Nichole for Reiki, Women's related needs, coaching, breathwork, womb-healing, and Ceremonies. I didn't even know I needed womb-healing until I took her class. She's amazing. Thank you, sister Nichole. You've made a profound and lasting change in my life. Blessings in all you do. :)




At the heart of Somatic Arts Academy lies a passionate commitment to nurturing the innate intelligence of the body. We strive to create a supportive and inclusive community where individuals can embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and personal growth through the exploration of somatic practices.
At Somatic Arts Academy, we believe in the transformative power of the body-mind connection while profoundly normalizing the human landscape. Our academy is a sanctuary for those seeking to explore the rich terrain of somatic arts facilitation, where the body becomes a canvas for creative expression, self-discovery, and holistic well-being - and you become the guide to support people’s transformation.
Because we are such a nuanced and complex species, we often need a variety of tools when moving through emotions, processing trauma, and cultivating a greater understanding of who we are and why we are here. 
Our courses offer a unique and one-of-a-kind curriculum that allows folks to transform their own lived experiences into their life’s work from a truly integrated place.

Nichole is so highly skilled

Some of the techniques she used included shamanic practices, trauma-informed healing, rebirthing somatic release breathwork, reiki, and counseling. She is incredibly attentive, compassionate, and intuitive. Nichole has a special place in my heart because she walked with me through some hard and scary issues without batting an eye. I have healed on so many levels. I feel I can trust her with anything. I have walked away feeling empowered, even more connected to my higher self and to the divine feminine. I will continue to work with this beautiful soul!
Anna Lisa


Our certifications support people at the early stages of becoming a coach or facilitator who have a deep desire to help people but are not sure where to start, and experienced coaches and facilitators, ready to refine their skills and expand their impact.
Our conditioning about who we are and how we understand the world begins within the stories of our bodies. Somatic Arts Academy trainings will help you recognize set patterns in your body and psyche that have been inhibiting you. You will learn how to rewire outdated operating systems to find alignment with your true essence, and then powerfully guide the new paradigm shift.
We believe it is our birthright as human beings to be the steward of our own lives and our responsibility to be a part of the change for the greater good of all!
We are here to support you in feeling radically safe within your being, falling in love with life, and taking a chance on yourself to fully live.


Somatic Arts Facilitator Training


Embodied Healing Academy introduces this 9-month Trauma-Informed Somatic Arts Facilitator Training. Designed for anyone desiring to spread their knowledge and light, whether coaches, facilitators, bodyworkers, yoga teachers, or healers.

Embodied Breathwork Facilitator Training

Embrace your embodied aliveness, using your breath as a bridge to freedom. In this two-part training, Embodied Healing Academy uses a trauma-informed, somatic, and embodied approach to experiencing, learning, and facilitating the healing power of breathwork.

Transformational Meditation Facilitator Training



Learn how to facilitate a variety of immersive guided meditations that are incredibly effective in healing the mind, body, and soul – including shamanic, somatic, chakra, and archetypal meditation styles.




Get certified as an all-round somatic facilitator with access to all three of our flagship programs.


Get certified as an all-round somatic facilitator with access to all three of our flagship programs:

  • Somatic Arts Facilitator Training
  • Embodied Breathwork Facilitator Training
  • Transformational Meditation Facilitator Training

Nichole has set the bar very high!

I feel sorry for the next training workshop I go to you they’re gonna have an uphill battle trying to produce quality training That is the embodied Breathwork facilitator training! I truly mean that, too! It ran very well. Nichole was beyond knowledgeable on all the topics. Very good flow. the amount of wisdom I got far exceeded what I thought I would get. Leaving the Breathwork training class, I felt like I could take everything I learned and begin immediately with the practice. I truly don’t believe this class is just for people who want to facilitate Breathwork too it can be for people who are curious about how things work, why things work, and especially around the field of human behavior and trauma.


Somatic Healing Academy helps cultivate the most important relationship in your life: your connection to self. Your senses, creativity, and intuition have been repressed and are waiting for you to journey inwards. Awaken and reconnect with your power through embodied healing!
Confront wounds that are blocking you from accessing your full potential. Reunite with your higher self, find purpose, and feel alive in your body. Deep healing and profound insight begin within. Embodied Healing Academy invites you to explore the real you, beyond your mask, providing support through four pillars of holistic healing: somatic, breath, and psyche.



Learn to listen to your body. Become aware of your bodily sensations and emotional effects on your physical form. Connect with the forgotten. Somatic work is especially beneficial for those who have experienced emotional or physical trauma. Find safety in your body and rediscover your true essence.


Access deeper levels of consciousness and emotional transformation through breathwork. Breath is your ally. Conscious and full breathing practices can help you process emotions, reduce stress, improve sleep cycles, increase focus & clarity, release energetic blocks in the body, and create a balance between mind & body connection. Experience your embodied aliveness, using your breath as a bridge to freedom.


Our psyche is a complex and multifunctional part of our experience. Within our psyche, we have our conscious mind and our unconscious mind which is comprised of archetypes, ego, soul, the shadow, and even the collective unconscious. This is where our habits and patterns are developed. The psyche strives to maintain a balance between opposing qualities while at the same time actively seeking its own development.
When working with the psyche, you get to deeply understand the various parts of your being and why you function the way you do. Getting to know the ways you have been imprinted allows you to create new imprinting that is more aligned with your truth and values.

Nichole’s passion and dedication to being an embodied leader is palpable.

Her facilitation and breathwork training at BTL is truly a gift. It’s not often that you find a breathwork facilitator training that is completely in-person and trauma-informed with equal parts of both the spiritual and science behind this practice. I have had significant breakthroughs in my own healing just from this training alone and the confidence I have gained in facilitating this work for others is a bonus.





Psycho-Somatic Trauma Recovery Coach, Somatic Educator, Breathwork Facilitator/Educator, Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Educator, Womb Medicine Woman,  and Ceremonialist.

She has been in the Healing Arts industry for 15 years and is devoted to various practices of holistic healing. Nichole has over 3,000 training hours in trauma-informed; yoga, breathwork, somatic therapy, and nervous system recovery, and has over 10,000 teaching hours.
Nichole completed the year-long graduate-level program Compassionate Inquiry with Dr. Gabor Mate, 3 months certification from the School for Shamanic Arts, year-long program with Melanie Swan to become a certified Womb Medicine Woman, 50hr Somatic Psychedelic Facilitator certification through the Embody Lab with teachers such as Dr, Richard Schwartz, Dr. Peter Levine and more, and a year-long Somatic Educator certification through the Somatic Institute for women with David Bedrick, Dr. Saida Desilets, and more.
Through years of study and practice, Nichole has learned firsthand that the healing process is not linear but more like a spiral that contracts and expands. She believes surrendering to the spiral process of birth, growth, death, and rebirth is crucial to deeply understanding Self. She firmly believes we hold ancient wisdom within that is designed to heal old wounds and broken patterns that are holding us back from reaching our fullest potential.
Nichole is the Founder of Somatic Arts Academy. The Somatic Arts Academy is a school that offers certifications in various holistic and trauma-informed healing modalities. It was founded on the belief in the transformative power of the body-mind connection while profoundly normalizing the human landscape. The academy is a sanctuary for those seeking to explore the rich terrain of somatic arts facilitation, where the body becomes a canvas for creative expression, self-discovery, and holistic well-being - and you become the guide to support people’s transformation.
Nichole has developed the Embodied Breathwork Certification, and Guided Visionary Meditation Certification, and co-created the Somatic Arts Facilitator Certification with Jeanine Talento, for both in-person and online programs.
She is dedicated to helping others reclaim their body, mind, spirit and lives and specializes in supporting others in reclaiming their authentic nature, reconnect with themselves and build a life they love living.

It’s about the journey, not the destination

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