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Are you interested in deepening your understanding of the mind-body connection and honing your skills as a facilitator in somatic practices?



Somatic work emphasizes that there are several access points to learn how to safely re-inhabit one’s body and effectively process emotions. Our mission through this Somatic Arts Facilitator Training is to offer a surplus of somatic techniques using trauma-informed principles to help folks orient back into sustainable nervous system regulation. As a byproduct of this embodied healing, a greater sense of authentic self-expression and spiritual evolution becomes possible.

Somatic Arts Academy introduces this in-person intensive New Paradigm and Trauma-Informed Leadership Training Certification. Designed for anyone desiring to spread their knowledge and light, whether coaches, facilitators, bodyworkers, yoga teachers, or healers, this course is perfect for you to expand your leadership skills.

Learn hands-on trauma-informed techniques, somatic processing, and skills for both individual and group space-holding. Learn how to access your intuition and tune into the energetic field of your clients.

Discover how to follow the somatic intelligence of your clients and guide them through powerful practices that help them access their innate wisdom and inner truth.


Somatic facilitation is a holistic approach that recognizes the interconnection between the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. It acknowledges that our physical experiences, sensations, and movements hold valuable insights into our psychological and emotional well-being. By working with the body as a gateway to personal transformation, somatic facilitators help individuals access their innate wisdom, release stored trauma, and cultivate a deeper sense of presence and authenticity.
Our Somatic Facilitator Training program is carefully crafted to provide a rich learning experience that combines theoretical knowledge, experiential learning, and practical skills development. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or new to the field, our program offers a comprehensive curriculum that caters to all levels of expertise.


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Master your craft in human-centered leadership with this rich and comprehensive Somatic Arts Facilitator Certification.

The Foundations of Somatics

Explore the principles and theories underlying somatic facilitation, including the history, philosophy, and key pioneers in the field.

Embodied Awareness

Cultivate your own somatic awareness through experiential exercises, movement practices, and mindfulness techniques.

Body-Mind Integration

Learn how to support individuals in developing a harmonious relationship between their bodies and minds, facilitating a deeper understanding of their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

Practical Application and Supervision

Engage in supervised hands-on practice sessions and fine tune your craft in embodied space holding and intuitive leadership. Receive valuable feedback from your peers and your Facilitators, Nichole and Jeanine.

Trauma-Informed Practices

Gain a solid understanding of trauma and its impact on the body, and develop skills to create safe and supportive environments for trauma healing.

Somatic Interventions

Explore a range of somatic modalities and interventions, such as breathwork, bodywork, movement therapy, and expressive embodiment arts, to enhance your facilitation toolkit.

Ethical Considerations

Understand the ethical responsibilities and boundaries of a somatic facilitator, and learn how to navigate potential challenges and issues that may arise in your practice.

Business and Entrepreneurship

Explore the nuanced conversation around how to show up as a heart-led leader in your business endeavors, while honoring your time, energy, commitments and financial needs. Learn authentic marketing skills that allow you to share your unique voice and medicine with your specific psycho-graphic.



Revolutionize the way you lead. Your embodiment is your art.

Experienced Faculty

Our program is led by highly experienced somatic facilitators who bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and passion to their teaching.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our curriculum is carefully designed to provide a well-rounded education in somatic facilitation, ensuring you have a strong foundation to support your professional growth.

Prime Location

Encinitas is known as a hub for creatives, artists, healers, and Entrepreneurs. Perspective space is rooted in community with the mission of gathering like minded thinkers, feelers and visionaries.



Experiential Learning

We believe in the power of experiential learning. You will have ample opportunities to practice the techniques and interventions you learn, allowing for deep integration of the material.

Supportive Community

Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals on a similar journey, fostering connections, and collaboration that extend beyond the training program.

Continuing Education

Upon completion of the training, you will have access to ongoing resources, workshops, and opportunities for further development and specialization.


Module 1

What is Leadership?


Tuesday, April 2, 9a-12p PST



Thursday, April 4, 4p-7p PST

Embodied Leadership


Tuesday, April 16, 9a-12p PST

Limbic Resonance


Thursday, April 18, 4p-7p PST

Self Regulation & Somatic Reclamation

Module 2

Tuesday, April 30, 9a-12p PST
Introduction to the Nervous System & Trauma Awareness
Thursday, May 2, 4p-7p PST
Experiencing & Analytical Intelligence
Tuesday, May 14, 9a-12p PST
Nervous System ++ Polyvagal and Ayurveda
Thursday, May 16, 4p-7p PST
Story Follows State

Module 3

Developmental & Inter-Generational Trauma
Tuesday, May 28, 9a-12p PST
Developmental Trauma through Stages of Development
Thursday, May 30, 4p-7p PST
Introduction to Coping Mechanisms
Tuesday, June 11, 9a-12p PST
Authenticity vs Attachment
Thursday, June 13, 4p-7p PST
Inner Child Healing Process / Divine Parent

Module 4

Somatic Shadow Work
Tuesday, June 25, 9a-12p PST
Foundations of Shadow Work
Thursday, June 27, 4p-7p PST
Currents of Emotions
Tuesday, July 9, 9a-12p PST
Masks & Psychological Projections / Aspecting Process
Thursday, July 11, 4p-7p PST
Technique: Tracking the Shadow for Self & Client

Module 5

Your Body's Language through Somatic Intelligence
Tuesday, July 23, 9a-12p PST
Catharsis & Releasing Psychological Burdens
Thursday, July 25, 4p-7p PST
Holding the Field of the Body
Tuesday, August 6, 9a-12p PST
somatic Intelligence Processes, Giving voice to the Body
Thursday, August 8, 4p-7p PST

Module 6

A Human-Centered Approach to Leadership
Tuesday, August 20, 9a-12p PST
Non-duality / Awareness of Self
Thursday, August 22, 4p-7p PST
Semi-Permeable Membrane in Space Holding
Tuesday, September 3, 9a-12p PST
The Relational Field
Thursday, September 5, 4p-7p PST
Inclusive Language

Module 7

A Non-Hierarchal Approach to Leadership
Tuesday, September 17, 9a-12p PST
Systems of Oppression & Old Paradigm Leadership
Thursday, September 19, 4p-7p PST
Listening & Learning from Contraction
Tuesday, October 1, 9a-12p PST
Imposter Syndrome
Thursday, October 3, 4p-7p PST
The Patriarchy, Ageism, & Sexism

Module 8

Knowing Your Why
Tuesday, October 15, 9a-12p PST
Who are You as a Space Holder
Thursday, October 17, 4p-7p PST
What is Your Facilitation Style
Tuesday, October 29, 9a-12p PST
Money Stories
Thursday, October 31, 4p-7p PST
Authentic Marketing

Module 9

Stepping Forward & Stepping Up as a Leader
Tuesday, November 12, 9a-12p PST
Approachng Business
Thursday, November 14, 4p-7p PST
Bringing it All Together in Your Business
Tuesday, November 26, 9a-12p PST
Thursday, December 3, 4p-7p PST



Jeanine Talento, E-RYT 500

Trauma-Informed Educator, Yoga Teacher Trainer & Somatic Arts Facilitator


Jeanine received her B.S in Psychology and Communications from CUNY Queens College in New York City in 2013 and has 2000+ hours of Trauma-Informed Yoga Training. She started facilitating Yoga Teacher Trainings and Somatic workshops in 2015 and has dedicated her life to sharing and studying this necessary and paradigm-shifting work.

Jeanine believes in the power of healing through reclaiming the body as the central space through which we experience life. Her teachings emphasize that through nervous system education, somatic curiosity, and embracing vulnerability, individuals can learn to revere and celebrate all parts of who they are, thus living more full and vibrant lives.


Nichole Anne Ferro

Psycho-Somatic Trauma Recovery Coach, Somatic Educator, Breathwork Facilitator/Educator, Trauma-Informed Yoga Educator, Womb Medicine Women, and Ceremonialist


She has been in the Healing Arts industry for 15 years and is devoted to various practices of holistic healing. Nichole has over 3,000 training hours in trauma-informed; yoga, breathwork, somatic therapy, and nervous system recovery, and has over 10,000 teaching hours.

Through years of study and practice, Nichole has learned firsthand that the healing process is not linear but more like a spiral that contracts and expands. She believes surrendering to the spiral process of birth, growth, death, and rebirth is crucial to deeply understanding Self. She firmly believes we hold ancient wisdom within our body that is designed to heal old wounds and broken patterns that are holding us back from reaching our fullest potential.

Register for our Somatic Arts Facilitator Training program today and step into a world of embodied wisdom and healing potential.


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Receive two free nervous system regulation videos when you book a call or apply to join.
Learn six powerful somatic practices in under seven minutes.